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The very first day of PEAKUP new office


Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.

— James Cash Penney

Professionals, suffers about many things such as time management, not working efficiently and also data security. Companies trying to find solutions for employees but it is not lasting for a long time.

We are pretty aware of the fact that digitalism has changed the way we work. Smartphones, lifesaver apps and also instant messaging makes us faster than before.

According to Hootsuite 2019, 44 million active users of mobile social media available. While 98% of adult people use mobile phones, 77% of them use smartphones. These rates affect professional life as well as social life. People have the habit of using the tools they use in social media in their business life. This user habit comes as a barrier for data security and multiple working scenarios. Firms that have entered the digitalization process, cannot maintain continuity with the change in this management. Because change management has to sustainable for companies.

Change needs collaboration

CEO Ahmet Toprakci and Designer Seda Efendioglu drawing 10 PEAKUP principles on the wall

We decided to build a Change Management team within PEAKUP that considering that we could overcome this barrier with Microsoft Teams, which is very effective in teamwork, data security, and efficiency. Microsoft Teams can evolve by Microsoft’s cutting edge technology and ready to use instantly. We don’t have to wait for setup or don’t need to spend days for orientation. So the challenge comes up for us. How we can adopt Microsoft Teams to companies in only one day?

Chapter 1

’Nice to meet you’’ phase

This phase includes vision, enablement, adoption steps

Vision: Understand business needs, plan long-term strategy and discover the best value of Teams. Vision step aims to design the next steps and the ultimate goal of Teams adoption service based on customer expectations

· Value discovery and Kickoff meetings

Enablement: Plan deployment methods, configure technical needs and apply company policies. Enablement transforms business needs to technical work assignments by creating retention plans and configuring privileges while taking actions on deployment options.

· Current Asset Discovery

· Cultural Understanding

· Road Map

· Teams Admin Training & Configuration (1 day)

· Deployment

Adoption: Train power-users, share video materials and expand to the whole organization. Adoption introduces product value to all users and guides them along with the productivity path by creating stickiness.

· Training

· End-User Launch Events

We don’t say goodbye after End- User Launch Events

Chapter 2

’You Will Never Walk Alone’’ Reinforcement Phase

PEAKUP is launching the Reinforcement era to touch its customers a second time after the end-user launch activities.

In order to increase the rate of use of the products by following the continuation of our support. Where users have questions/problems, we continue to support them.

Nurturing: Video calls- bullets — e-mails (cases)

Monitoring: Tracking the rates from F.T.O.P website

Reporting: Monthly

Training: Relaunch events, pdf’s, one to one sessions

PEAKUP provides Teams adoption guidance as a trusted technology advisor. Teams Adoption Service offers a path including vision, enablement and adoption step in order to create effective and productive workplaces. Implementing best practices, configuring company policies and choosing the right feature sets together with our customers to empower internal teams.

How is the DNA of the Change Management Team?

We prefer to address the issue of change management with a multidisciplinary team structure. Therefore, there are players from more than one department in this team.

Change Management Team Members

Ezgi Can: Infrastructure Lead and Office 365 MVP

Hande Tarhan: Adoption and Change Management Consultant

Bahar Durmuş: BI and Office Applications Lead

Birhan Aydın: BI and Office Applications Consultant

Kübra Demir: BI and Office Applications Consultant

Faruk Şirin: Digital Marketing Expert

Okan Koç: Creative Designer

MNG Cargo Event

Microsoft Teams, compatible with 3rd party tools and also PEAKUP’s Product a.k.a Velocity intranet. It’s also an IPCosell Product.

Teams is a platform where people can chat, share documents and also work in the same file. Velocity is an intranet platform which digitally transforms companies with multiple applications by the company’s needs. For the human resources Leave App (permission app) or Expense App. The correlation between Microsoft Teams and PEAKUP IP’s provides added value at productivity and efficiency for employees.

According to the data of F.T.O.P, we increased the number of entitlement’s (30th of June 2018) from 282,139 to 680,839 (16th of April 2019) by these result, we are the country leader in change management and adoption. We care about customer satisfaction at PEAKUP. From day one to last day, we aim to leverage your business organically. So in 6 months, our customers helped us to touch other potential customers by referring us. It’s a quiet honor for PEAKUP.

Ahmet Toprakci (CEO of PEAKUP)’’ PEAKUP is a CSP, therefore we have a good fit with the FastTrack program. We cut monthly invoices and provide our products with the subscription model, it is very important for us to check the continuous use and satisfaction.’’

We are thrilled to announce, that completing 6 months episode with 58Companies, 680,839 entitlements by the very hard work of 8 PEAKUPCitizens. We had a great chance to work up with many different sectors and brands such as MNG Cargo which is Turkey’s one of the biggest logistics company or Carrefour Hypermarket which is a multi-channel global retail company. We also had a unique experience by doing Remote Sessions with USA, Brasil, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Here is the sneak peek story of our Change Management days.

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